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obscure fandoms of the fictional variety: tv shows, books, movies, games
So, we were spotlighted! A big welcome to the new members. I (longlongwaytogo ) am the maintainer and owner of the comm. I like to think that I'm a nice person, at least I know I am when everyone is getting along. Please read the info page, and if you have any questions or need things clarified, just comment on an entry I made either on the comm or in my personal journal and hopefully I'll be able to answer your questions. We also have two mods, feel free to ask them as well.

As a result of the spotlighting, entries are now moderated. If you follow the guidelines, you'll get through easily.


About The Comm

I have noticed that there are very few places to talk if you like/are a fan of something obscure. (you don't have to be a huge fan of it, but you do have to like it in some way) Whenever I wanted desperately to talk about my favourite things, the response was always 'sorry, never heard of it'. Well in this comm, maybe someone HAS heard of it. And therefore you can talk about your favourite things with us. Or... after you've finished with us, we'll have heard of it!

This is a comm to talk about tv shows, movies, books and live performers (meaning: standup comedy, plays, and the like), particularly 'non mainstream' ones, as that is what needs attention. So please, no LOTR, Harry Potter, The OC etc, nothing with really big mainstream fandoms already where it is easy to find other fans. Old movies/books/tv shows that were popular but have been forgotten by most people count as 'non mainstream'. :)

The comm is called 'heard of it' not because it's a nostalgia comm to randomly check if people have heard of a list of obscurities. Unless you want to find fellow fans for it or talk about it that is of course. In which case that's perfectly fine! (Just make it clear that that's what you're doing)

It's a place for talking about your favourite uncommon shows, books, games and movies/fandoms, and finding new ones to enjoy based on other people's suggestions. It's also a place to share fanworks, and to encourage other people's fanning, even if you don't know of it yourself.

If you check out the memories we have some fanfiction and some other fanworks.

Welcome again. And feel free to make an introduction post!

Rules and Guidelines :
-Please make sure that you comment sometimes on other people's posts! And try to reply to people's comments where appropriate, please. Conversation is greatly encouraged.

-Feel free to friendslock, and always do so if your post contains adult content.

-Make sure to include detailed tags in all of your posts. Some suggestions are: the genre of the thing you are talking about. If it's a tv show, book or movie or otherwise. Who it's by, or prominent actors in it. If it's a recommendation, a review, or otherwise...
This will make it easier for other members to find things.

-Please don't include too many things (books, tv shows, movies etc) in each entry. The comm is not a game of 'how many obscure things/things from childhood can you name in one go' :P It's also not a race as to who can mention things first.

- Try to encourage discussion further than just 'yes, I know of it'. Please give details or ask questions in your entries, or have a purpose for asking.

- ljcut long entries, videos, and posts with lots of pictures to save people's flists!

-Please remember to respect other people's opinions. Flaming will not be tolerated, and bannings are at the discretion of the owner.

- This is not a 'nostalgia' comm, it is a fan/liking comm. It's also not a place to ask for the name of something you barely remember.

- Check to see that what you are posting about hasn't been posted about recently, unless it is a completely different aspect/conversation.

- Warn about Spoilers.

- If a maintainer asks you to do something- do not be rude about it.

-"Obscure" and "Non Mainstream" mean things that do not get much attention (including things that used to get a lot of attention but not anymore), or not many people have heard of it. In terms of fandom, it may also include 'things that do not get much fan attention', even if many people have heard of it. Unsure? Ask.

These rules and guidelines may change at any time at the discretion of the owner.


Some things that you can do in this community: Tell us about something that you love! Try to 'convert' people to liking something that you do. Rave about it, tell us why we should watch/read/listen. Post a book/movie review, of whatever you are reading or watching... it doesn't have to be positive, but please do not bash people who do enjoy it. Talk about the general problems of being in a small fandom (please try not to bash though, thanks). Confirm memories of things you really liked in the past, or reminisce. (details and actual questions are good for this one though! As this is not really a comm that's only about 'do you remember...'). Ask for recommendations. Show us clips! Share your fanworks! (and don't forget to comment on other people's!) Share photos and stills and screenshots. Post links to communities of fellow fans. Post up fanfictions, or ask for one to be written, or find a beta. Show us fanart or icons. Ask for fanfiction writing advice, either about the mechanics of writing, or you could post up stuff about the characters/plots you're writing about (ie, fill us potentially non fans in) and ask for help. Discuss advertising/conversion strategies. Update us with gossip about tv shows/movies/books. Post challenges!
These are just suggestions!


Some useful things:

http://community.livejournal.com/heard_of_it/164682.html Comm petition entry.

http://www.fanfiction.net/c2/32891/3/0/1/ If you'd like your story to be added to the C2 of 'Less Popular than Mainstream' stories, just comment in any entry made by longlongwaytogo, with a link to your fic.


If you'd like to talk about obscure music, here's some comms for that purpose:


Though I do not mind nostalgic posts, as long as they're detailed and you are/were a fan of the show/book/movie/game, if you only want to see if people remember something, and have no plans to make other posts, and aren't actually a fan of what you're talking about, then perhaps the comm backntheday would be more appropriate for you. On heard_of_it however, you are welcome to have more indepth discussions about it, and recommend we watch things that happen to be from your childhood, or share fan things, etc.

If it's something you want to remember the name of, try whatwasthatone
or whatwasthatbook . Please do not sign up specifically to ask us if someone knows the name of something. If you're joining for some other reason, it's alright to ask rather than joining two comms, but you'd still probably get more response from the above two communities. If you'd like to ask about details to do with a show you used to love but know the name of, that is alright and welcomed.

Other things we have talked about, but had to be removed from the interests due to lack of space: Sir Gadabout, Rutles, Neil Innes, Harvey, Codename: Kids Next Door, Capt. Hook, Class Act, ground defense force, a distant soil, arc the lad, big wolf on campus, brave fencer musashi, chronicles of faerie, dave the barbarian, elfquest, grim fandango, kransky sisters, medievil, raggy dolls, riverworld,

Here are some icons/avatars/banners that you can use to advertise the group- feel free to make your own to match your own fandom, and you can ask me to put them here if you want.

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For those of you who are not going back to LJ, I've made a new community for us over on GJ. The dynamic will be a bit different, but I hope it turns out alright. Dual membership is allowed and encouraged, as is double posting between the two sites.

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